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The first line of the function gets the email address of the currently logged in user from the MySqlStore. The second line of the function kicks off a series of function calls that will authenticate with the Auth0 machine-to-machine api, search for users in our Auth0 application by email address and return a boolean of their verification status.Note: The <b>email</b>.

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Learn more. Get the Mobile app The mobile app "The reMarkable Companion" is available in the App Store and. Auth0 IDP Configuration. This configuration will use a client credentials grant as it is non-interactive, and because we expect clients to authenticate on behalf of themselves, not an end-<b>user</b>.

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Authentication tokens are relatively securely sent over to user's email. This does directly refer to the idea of passwordless i.e. if a user can reset the password via email, then we can assume that whoever controls the email got the absolute power over the user's app account. Therefore we can directly communicate authentication token using email.

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The connection API could be Socket API or more popular is through web service ( SOAP and REST ). Setting up a connection with the GitHub API's root endpoint Like some application which focuses on the protection of user data, if we would like to access content, we must enter password first. Simple Node.js + MySQL <b>API</b> that supports <b>User</b> Registration,.

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login(client_id, username, password, connection, id_token=None, grant_type='password', device=None, scope='openid') [source] ¶. Login using username and password. Given the user credentials and the connection specified, it will do the authentication on the provider and return a dict with the access_token and id_token.

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